tel-logo-2016 Think. Eat. Live. & their new SunFlour products are the most innovative food products in the world today. Packed with nutrient dense ingredients, SunFlour is protein rich and malleable enough to make just about anything you can think of that would normally use regular flour. Inquire about creating new food products for your restaurant within. Contact Chef Audra at (314) 495-9799 or email at audra@thinkeatlive.com

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The most innovative new food product available in the world today.

It is very rare that anything new happens in the food industry. Truly NEW.

The large food companies are always finding ways to repackage the same old, tried and true, tested amounts of salt, sugar & fat. Thank GOD the world is finally starting to recognize this issue on a larger scale. Consumers are not as oblivious as they used to be. Large food companies are actually starting to take note of this consumer shift for one of two reasons.

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