The most innovative new food product available in the world today.

It is very rare that anything new happens in the food industry. Truly NEW.

Now, I’m not talking about all the new and innovative ways to put food on a plate, the art we call food presentation,  by countless incredible chefs around the world. I’m speaking about the other side. The food the vast majority of humans, at least in the good’ol United States,  purchase and consume daily.

The large food companies are always finding ways to repackage the same old, tried and true, tested amounts of salt, sugar & fat. Thank GOD the world is finally starting to recognize this issue on a larger scale. Consumers are not as oblivious as they used to be. Large food companies are actually starting to take note of this consumer shift for one of two reasons.

1. The Bottom Line (Money)

2. Someone in charge has a personal experience with health issues related to consuming insulting foods.

For example:

“In January 2014, General Mills announced that it would halt the use of genetically modified ingredients in original Cheerios.[4] In February 2015, the company announced they would be making Cheerios gluten-free by removing the traces of wheat, rye, and barley that usually come into contact with the oat supply used to make Cheerios during transportation”.

I remember when this first took place as I noticed the “new” look of the Cheerio’s box as I was walking down the cereal isle trying to locate a cereal without gluten. There was a nice little story in the side of the Cheerio’s box that said something about the founder or founder’s son having discovered that his daughter has celiac disease. As I looked for the story on my most recent box of Cheerios to add to this article I noticed that they are now proud sponsors of

As an entrepreneur, chef & technology nerd, I have always been on the look out for new and innovative products. Always coming up with new ideas, almost 5 years before anyone would be ready, without the means to actually create and manufacture any of my “grand ideas”. My dream was always to create something as simple as the paperclip that I know would be utilized forever! (or at least until we have some sort of tiny magnetic resistance field zapper thingy that holds things together or in place like the paperclip. Or new types of paper that hold themselves together or to other things made of matter.)

This is why, when I was introduced to Dan & Caryn from Think. Eat. Live., I fell in love with this SIMPLE yet GAME CHANGING innovation.


I know, it seems like we have all heard about this already. Yea. yea. Like almond flour or any nut flour on the market. This has been around forever. Geez.

No. It has not been around forever.

Yes, people have tried to create other flours before from sunflower seeds but, I assure you, that is not the same thing.

Dan & Caryn have figured out a new way to mill the sunflower seed so that it is light enough to create just about any bread related item you would normally use a regular wheat flour base for. When I opened my very first restaurant, A² – the world’s first gluten and casein free restaurant powered by SunFlour, they helped me to create a few items I wanted to add to my menu that did not before exist and were sorely lacking in the gluten free world. Gluten free marble rye for my Ruben Revolution sandwich & gluten free pretzel bread for my bar-b-q smoked chicken sandwich.

I was obsessed.

After living in NYC for a stint, my favorite sandwich became a monte cristo. For those of you that have never had one, let me make it for you. Traditionally one would use french toast for the bread, add eggs, cheese & meat (turkey and bacon was in my first one) and you are in heaven. I went as far as to try and create a new bread for my version called french toast loaf using Sunflour with a drizzle of honey over head. It was a success.


Think. Eat. Live. & their innovation of SunFlour is the most innovative new food product in the world today. Followed closely by that guy making edible spoons.

My number one goal is to help people try to remove the insulting foods from their diet and replace them with a product like SunFlour. The brownies are amazing, the pancake/ waffle mix is ridiculously awesome, the muffin mix is fantastic and the sun power bars are designed to be a total meal replacement, 1 bar containing 1/3 the protein and fiber one needs for the day + the taste is incredible!

For a group of 10 , I created a chicken and waffle recipe with sweet pepper waffles, SunFlour encrusted fried chicken and jalapeño infused molasses syrup. Yes. You can fry just about anything with SunFlour.

Stay tuned for recipes which will be added to this site along with videos showing you how to prepare meals with SunFlour.

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Stay healthy & passionate!


Audra Angelique Gandy