Hello and welcome to http://www.thehealingchef.org! My name is Audra Angelique Gandy and, as you can probably tell, I am extremely passionate about cooking as well as showing others how to prepare healthy food for themselves & their families. Part of my purpose is to show anyone interested that healthy food can taste just as incredible as the insulting foods we have come to think of as “normal” to consume. You know what I speak of… all of the boxed food in the middle of your grocery store packed with insulting amounts of salt, sugar & fat sold by giant companies with a bottom line; to get your money. There is a shift happening as consumers like you start to realize that these companies do not have our best interests in mind. Some are actually starting to configure their products based on consumer needs. This process will be slow and the bottom line is still the same.

You can eat healthy & LOVE IT! I can show you how.

When you are ready to conquer your food creation consuming process, please drop me a line via email or ring me on the telephone!

Individuals or restaurant owners may call me at (314) 495-9799

My email address is audra@thehealingchef.org


Audra Angelique Gandy